"What Life is,
what Death signifies,
and why Love is stronger than both"

Oscar Wilde

Featured summer selection

A bag only for a few women!

We made limited editions leather & vintage fabric handbags

Visit our online shop and discover all our models, from leather tote bags to small bags made of vintage fabrics, treasures recycled to shine again, in your hands! A daily bag to wear or in any special occasion, no matter where Petty Things handbags are your affordable luxury bags made in Spain.

Affordable Luxury

Craftsmanship made in Spain

A craftsmanship manufacturing process, timeless designs, and the exquisite selection of vintage fabrics combined with high quality leather tanned vegetable, are the basis of Petty Things accessories. The mime of each stitch can be seen in the quality of the finish of each piece, resulting in a luxury bag at your fingertips.

Collections of vibrant colors and strong character, for women who seek unrepeatable and timeless accessories.


Unique materials
for clutches, purses and wallets

Vintage materials