This cotton print from the 50’s with abstract drawings is like a painting, with different brush colors. Is was a curtain that we upclycled to gave it a new life. It came, by chance, and appeared at a treasure market along with another pair of wonders in Buenos Aires. The man from the market could not believe how happy I was with my fabrics. He gave me ancient stories that transported you to erlier times. Treat with care.


Measurements 28X27X38X10 cm. Inner pocket 13×8 cm. Handle 50 cm
Material Exterior vegetable napa with vintage barkcloth.
Silver brass handle hook.
suede innerpocket.

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How to take care of your leather Petty Things

The leather should be kept away from exposure to the sun. To save long time, put inside it´s bag with some stuffing paper inside. The leather can be treated with specially-made products to nourish it.

The brass pieces can be cleaned with special clean metal product.

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